Baron Machine Company Announces Tuition Reimbursement Program

Laconia, NH based metal fabrication company, Baron Machine Company, has announced a new tuition reimbursement program aimed at furthering the company’s existing initiatives to enhance and innovate its metal fabricating capabilities.

According to company Vice President Jeremy Baron, “We are encouraging many of our employees to sign up for the “Advanced Manufacturing Program” at the Lakes region Community College.” He adds, “We also have a tuition reimbursement program that we are encouraging employees to take advantage of.”

Regarding this initiative, Baron explains that offering new education opportunities to employees is a win-win for Baron Machine Company and its clients. “Apart from using this opportunity to give something back to our employees, encouraging them to stay current on the latest technologies can only benefit our company and our customers. The industry is constantly changing, and if staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, efficiency, and precision requires a little more time in the classroom – that’s an investment we’re happy to make.”

Baron Machine Company has used its custom metal fabrication services to serve a number of industries ranging from aerospace and alternative energy to the defense and medical industries. Baron explains, “Welding frames and providing complete welded assemblies for custom fabrications has remained a core component of our business.” He adds, with new programs for continued education, Baron Machine Company can continue to “meet and exceed the expectations our customers have for precision and efficiency.”

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