Milling & Turning for Medical Devices: 3 Critical Factors

When it comes to the production of high-quality medical devices, CNC machining, milling, and turning have become critical processes for ensuring three of the most critical factors are met:

  1. Precision
  2. Flexibility
  3. Reliability

CNC milling and turning is essential in the manufacture of medical devices, including devices ranging from small arthroscopic components to large, reusable devices for surgical procedures.

At Baron Machine, we utilize the latest CNC machining, milling, and turning practices to provide ultra-high precision milling and turning services for all types of medical machines and devices, including plastics, stainless, and many other materials.

Precision Medical Milling & Turning with Baron Machine

The medical field is highly dependent on precision — from the skill of surgeons undertaking delicate procedures, right down to the tools they use to get those procedures done right.

That means it’s absolutely critical that medical devices be crafted to precise specifications, often highly reliant on the perfection of minute details to accomplish specialized tasks./p>

Because of our extensive experience with materials ranging from plastics to stainless metals, as well as the efficiencies achieved by our 5-axis programmable CMM, Baron Machine can provide superior quality while adhering to exceptionally fast turnaround times.

Flexibility: Meeting Your Needs When You Need It

As the medical industry and medical practices continue to evolve and advance with new procedures and new technologies, the specifics of medical devices have evolved right alongside — and that has led to a significant increase in the demand for specialized medical devices throughout the medical industry.

Whether it’s because a medical professional has devised a new procedure or is looking for a way to improve existing practices, having the flexibility to adjust and customize medical devices is critical to keeping this evolution moving forward.

Our highly-trained milling and turning professionals are capable of providing your company with the high degree of precision and robust quality required, with all products delivered exactly to your specifications.

Superior Traceability for Total Peace of Mind

In most cases, design flaws or material issues can prove disastrous for medical devices — often requiring extensive research into where, when, and how a device was made, and how many individuals might be affected by the error.

That’s why it’s critical to keep a close log of all materials and processes, and production points along the chain of production of medical devices. That way, if a problem is identified somewhere along the line, it will be that much easier to identify the point of error and take corrective action.

Baron Machine is compliant with ISO 13485 as well as ISO 9100,2015. In addition, we are committed to superior material traceability and material lot traceability to ensure ultra-high quality throughout all aspects of the milling and lathing process

Higher-Quality Milling and turning for Medical Devices

At Baron Machine, we bring decades of experience in milling and turning medical devices to each and every order we fulfill. That’s why we’re the preferred choice among medical device suppliers looking for precision, flexibility, and reliability for their medical device needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for the production of medical devices, get in touch with our team and see just how much we can do to improve your processes and get you the medical devices you need.